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Jiamini is a different kind of organization, supported by a different kind of donor.

Our donors believe in the power of education to end extreme poverty and change nations, starting with one student at a time.

Our donors want to connect directly with the young people they’re helping, watching them grow into educated, empowered adults.

Our donors want to support an organization that directs 100% of personal donations to programming.

Our donors know that a heck of a lot can be accomplished with very little money – well spent and carefully managed.

Our donors are optimistic about the future younger generations can create for humankind, and we are too. Join us today.

  • Personal

    We connect directly you with the young people you’re helping.

  • Direct

    100% of your personal donations go directly to our programs and students.

  • Effective

    We’ve crafted our programs over the last ten years to have maximum impact for our students, and make the best use of your donations.

Donate Now

Donate a Tablet or Laptop

Your old tablet or laptop can help teach a student to read. We use pre-loved devices in our literacy and tutoring classes to give students access to educational apps. Please get in touch to see if your device meets our specs.

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Donate Your Birthday

Your birthday celebration can change lives. Instead of asking for gifts this year, have your friends and family contribute to a Jiamini project. We’ll help you choose a program, or create a custom project just for you. If social is your thing, we can help you start a Facebook Fundraiser or email us for more ideas.

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Host a Party

Add a dose of giving to your next party. Instead of secret santas or holiday gift swaps, raise money for a student or school. We’ll work with you to set up a project you care about and give you content and pictures to get your guests excited.

We’ll make it fun

Don’t just donate – set a group goal to build a well or outfit a classroom with textbooks.

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Skills-based volunteering is incredibly helpful to us. We don’t employ a large staff, so we can make the most of all donations, and we’re always looking for scrappy ways to get real work done. You can volunteer from home in any amount of time you have to spare. All you need is a computer.

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Get Creative

We’ve had donors run marathons, climb Mount Kilimanjaro and create memorial scholarships to immortalize a loved one. There are dozens of ways you can contribute to our work and our kids. If you want to make an impact, get in touch and we’ll help you craft a plan.

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