Education is foundational to solving our world’s problems. Poverty, inequality, explosive population growth, political instability, even environmental degradation can be helped with an educated population. That’s why we do this work, and that’s how you can make a big difference in the world – starting with a single student.

Each year we accept 12 students who have the passion and dedication to successfully graduate but have no means to afford to stay in school. We look at each applicant’s entire academic history, meet with their teachers and administrators, and visit them at home. Without sponsorship there is no way most of our kids could continue school.

Sponsorship will not only alter the course of your student’s life, it will change the future of his or her family. As your student graduates and finds employment, they can fund a sibling’s education, provide their household with medical care, and lift an entire family out of poverty. Imagine the impact this can have on a village, a nation and the world.

Your Commitment

The commitment on your side is for 4 years. Each annual donation is $400 ($1600 total). This will cover your student’s uniforms, school supplies, textbooks, after school tutoring, medical expenses, and room and board- if your student is selected to boarding school.

You’ll get to know your student well over the course of the four years. Your student will send you letters and video greetings. We will keep you up to date on his/her progress in school. You can also send letters and pictures to your student and can keep in touch after your student graduates.

Jiamini is a small operation and very hands on. We know all of the students and their families personally and our program staff on the ground in Newala are very much a part of their daily lives.